Carmin the Artist

My Brasil family is going back for four years, so we had a final bbq on Saturday. I find myself wanting to document these activities but I am torn between being a part of the activity or being behind the lens. Sometimes I don’t get any pictures, sometimes I feel like I missed the event.  My solution this time was to get my camera out and give it to my niece, Carmin. No instructions just put it on auto and told her to have fun.

She is an artist at heart and has done some amazing paintings and drawings. She has a great eye and I wanted to see what she would do with the camera. She started out with pics of the family.

Then moved on to more artistic things. I wish I could have taken a picture or two of her while she was taking pictures. It was priceless to see the concentration, I could almost see the wheels of creativity spinning in her head.

Some of them did not turn out prefect, they are a bit blurry, but I could see what she was going for and she is a great little photographer.

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