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My word for 2014

IMG_5937This year instead of resolutions, which I haven’t done for years anyway, I decided to pick one word to practice and ponder all year. This year I have chosen Thankfulness. This word really is so many other words; grateful, thanks, praise, gratefulness, thanks, gratitude . . . it is a pretty easy word to find enough to read about and ponder all year.

I also wanted a word I could put into action, not just to be thankful, but to show thankfulness. I think this can be acted out in many ways also, remembering to tell others in my life how thankful I am to have them. Show how thankful I am for what I have by sharing it with those who are not as fortunate.

I wanted a word that I could put into action in my everyday life, including work. I wanted a word that I could involve others in. This word Thankfulness, has been my word for about 20 days. (I got a slow start, this whole thing of Christmas and New Year’s falling in the middle of the week really threw me off this year.)

At work I posted a large sheet of paper on my door, my goal was to write one thing every day on my way into my office that I was thankful for. I invited others to join it, what a treat that has been. Every day there is something new on it that I did not put there. Funny things and serious things, it starts my day with such joy. So many people have joined in that I have had to add another sheet.

I am also doing my best to post a quote or Bible verse, every day on Facebook. I search through my photography for a photo that I love, then look for a quote that fits. This means I am reading many quotes every day that inspire me. I am also studying the word for my devotions.

My goal in all of this is that by the end of the year, thankfulness is so woven into my fabric that it is not just a habit, but truly a way of life.

I do have so much to be thankful for . . .

Daily Shot!

I am pretty excited my fern photo was chosen for the One Daily Shot for Mother’s Day.

I really worked at this shot and it wasn’t just a “happy” accident, so that makes it special. I am trying hard to really learn this new camera and somethings that came so easy on the point & shoot are taking some time with this one, but I think I am getting it.

You can check out the site at One Daily Shot

It is also linked at Your Sunday Best

Welcome Spring

I wait for this every spring, the swallows are back, it is officially spring. I love the way they swoop around the yard.

Honey bees are not my favorite but they are another sure sign that spring is here, and they are much more welcome than the wasps that are ever abundant.

New leaves . . .The fruit blossoms . . The tulips . . .

all are welcome signs of spring.

I can soar . . .

This week has been a tough week at work. Very busy, things not going as planned, people out sick, projects not just falling apart but actually crashing. The rest of the month looks to be at least as busy, and tough. I saw this hawk at lunch time and loved the peacefulness of it. I was fortunate enough to get this shot before he took off to who knows where.

The more I look at it the more it makes me realize, I can soar also. I just have to make that choice. I did not choose well earlier in the week, I was sick and I made the choice to be grumpy. I chose not to act gracefully. I chose not to soar.

Today I choose to be joyful, to be graceful, to soar . . .

Nostalgia: Sunday Creative

Nostalgia: n. a wistful yearning for something past or irrecoverable

Grandma’s Tea Cups

I use to visit my grandma’s house every summer. I remember her living room was lined with shelves that were covered with tea cups, and sugar & creamer sets from everywhere around the world. They were irresistible to my two brothers and I. We touched when we should not have, several sets did not survive our growing up years.  My grandmother is 97 years old now, my mother has passed, so I am the keeper of what is left of the collection.

This is one of my favorite sets, a sugar and creamer set.

Favorites (POTD Sept. 2010)

It has been tough this month to keep up on the photos, work is crazy and stressful. Taking time with my camera is so calming but I am so tired at the end of the day. A couple days ago, my amazing husband sensed my need to get behind my lens even before I did. We left work (we work in the same building) and he headed to the coast instead of home. It was an amazing day, full of fall light and amazing foggy wetlands. Just what I needed. I was calmer, more centered, ready to face the next day at work. We are so fortunate we are only an hour or so from the coast.) Those are probably my most favorite shots of the month, partly because the lighting was so amazing, but mostly because they were a special gift from my husband.

Sunday Creative – Timeworn

I am finally getting around to posting the Sunday Creative.

Timeworn (literally worn by time)

Sunday Creative

This old truck resides in the barn next to our house. It is timeworn, inside and out. Some days I feel like this old truck, timeworn. I have this arm thing, tendinitis, in my right arm. I am so right handed, I am not even sure my body know the left hand is there most of the time. The one thing that aggravates it the most is what I love doing the most, photography. The days that I am aching most, are the days I feel timeworn. I have been through PT, 15 weeks of it, not too much change. The next step could be surgery, I am not sure about that.

Most days though I feel alive, not timeworn, but younger than my 52 years. I am happy in my life. I imagine that this time worn truck had a happy productive life, and now sits happily timeworn.

Caught between summer & fall (POTD Aug 31 & Sept 1)

Here we are caught right in the middle. Is it summer? Is it fall? It seems to me that summer hardly showed up this year and here I have pumpkins anxiously awaiting fall. We are teetering in on the edge of fall, but I am not ready. I love fall, but I am not ready to get out the sweaters. I am not ready to give up working in the yard. Fall will come, whether I am ready or not, and I will embrace it when it does. But for right now I stand trying to hold it off . . .