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A Million Ways

I think about this all the time, the million ways that God show me he cares for me and loves me. I wish I could explain the way I feel when I walk around the yard. It is almost a holy feeling, the presence of God in all that surrounds me. I think that is why I take pictures, I want to capture it and share it. I wonder if others feel it like I do.

I am sitting in Jason’s garden this morning, watching the hummingbirds feed. They seem to have come to some understanding since yesterday morning. Yesterday they about took my head off a couple times fighting over the “territory”. There are 3, with one very dominate, mouthy one. She normally does not tolerate the others feeding. She chases the male off most of the time, but this morning she seems to be okay with him hanging around. The third one comes and goes briefly, no guess to whether it is male or female. For that matter I am not really sure which is male or female, I just imagine the mouthy one is female. 🙂 In these birds, that give me so much pleasure, is one of the million ways I feel God’s presence and love.

I see and feel Him in so many things that I experience just in my yard.

Yesterday He sent me a little love in the form of a video from my nephew, it is an amazing tribute to Jason. You can find it here. (Collin did all the vocals in this.)

Yesterday morning I felt like I was sent an other little love note from God, I came out to Jason’s garden and found this little guy. Jason collected frogs. It felt like a little postcard from God, reminding me of the million ways he loves me.

There are so many ways, Chelsey, other family, friends, friends,  too many to count . . . millions. One of the big and everyday ways I feel God’s love is the gift of this man. I love him more each day and can not imagine having gone through this last year without him. I thank God everyday for bringing him to me and allowing him to love me.

Not a day goes by that I do not feel God, and the million ways.

a little rambling . . .

Remnants from Minnesota, it is funny how a short stay in a place can calm your heart, tug at you to revisit if only in your mind. The place we stayed in Minnesota is like that. I have this tray of things I picked up along the shore of the lake one morning. It makes me smile when I pass, and I remember. It was a special place.

This morning I sit in the newly arranged attic space. This room gets the morning sun and I am sitting basking in it right now, listening to praise music. It is a great space.

Made another trip to the thrift store yesterday. I really went to look for a sewing table and or chair, did not find that but I came home with these. Not sure what I will do with the basket yet, I have another just like it. I have wanted an old bird cage for a long time, and this one is perfect. The blueish wire thing, I am not sure what it was or will be, but it was only .50. I think it may find it’s way to Jason’s garden.

This is what I did with the bird cage –

And now all these plants are waiting to be planted – hummmmmmmmmmm. think I need a walk on the beach today though – they will wait.

Today’s blog is a little rambled, but that is what is in my head right now, project after project. It is like the creativity dam broke. Ideas swirl in my head, so much so that I can’t think what to start next. So today I will purposely sit still, calm my mind, write down the ideas and take a walk on the beach.

1000 Gifts

I began a few days ago looking at an app called 1000 Gifts. There is a book written by Ann Voskamp with that title. I have not read the book, but have looked at some of her blog postings and read descriptions. I am contemplating buying the book to read.

The idea of it seems to be, to be present in every moment, and grateful for every moment. find beauty and grace in simple details. Even in the hard or mundane stuff.

For me I am using the app to collect 1000 gifts, believing that by the time I have collected those 1000 gifts, it will be a way of life. Finding gifts in the everyday, mundane and yes, even the hard stuff. A thankful way of being.

It is easy to be thankful for the big things, family, children, spouses, house, job, and car. . .I could go on and on. It is not so easy to be in a long boring meeting, or waiting in a long line and finding a gift. A gift to be thankful for.

So that is what I am up to these days, trying to find a special gift, everyday, in a not so fun situation.

Before and After

I went to bed last night with these projects swirling around my head. So instead of my normal quiet Saturday morning of knitting and a cup of coffee, I grabbed my coffee cup and headed out to the shed. This is what I ended up with –

The chair before –

After –

Just a can of red spray paint made this spot a little brighter.

Before – odds and ends of unused clear glass –

After – Garden light catchers –

Before – an old thrift store lamp and an old light fixture –

After – a birdbath – solar light added also –