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Sunday Creative – Timeworn

I am finally getting around to posting the Sunday Creative.

Timeworn (literally worn by time)

Sunday Creative

This old truck resides in the barn next to our house. It is timeworn, inside and out. Some days I feel like this old truck, timeworn. I have this arm thing, tendinitis, in my right arm. I am so right handed, I am not even sure my body know the left hand is there most of the time. The one thing that aggravates it the most is what I love doing the most, photography. The days that I am aching most, are the days I feel timeworn. I have been through PT, 15 weeks of it, not too much change. The next step could be surgery, I am not sure about that.

Most days though I feel alive, not timeworn, but younger than my 52 years. I am happy in my life. I imagine that this time worn truck had a happy productive life, and now sits happily timeworn.

Illuminate – Sunday Creative

This is my picture for this weeks Sunday Creative. Of course today would be overcast, I waited most of the day to get a good “sun” shot, and this was all the sun we got today. While I love watching the weather move across our sky, I had other pictures in my head for this prompt. It was not to be, but I enjoyed the process today, even if I did not get the shot I wanted.

Have a great week everyone –

🙂 – Bev

Good Morning

I am sitting here trying to figure out this new blog site, soon I will be blogging on this site – I think – : ). I was getting tired of the restrictions on the other site and am wanting to be able to do more creative things with my blog. Now if I could just figure it out. I am also pondering the Sunday Creative for today. Illuminate – hummmmmmmmmmm.