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Sunday Creative – Flourish – 1-2-2011

Found this flower out side and old house that had been abandoned years ago. It was such a contrast to what I found inside. It made me think of the saying “Bloom where you are planted”

The house made me a bit sad, but mostly wondering what happened? Why did this family just walk away? It looks as though some one was in the middle of making a pie, there were dishes still in a dish drainer. Everything was covered with years of dust. It was a strange feeling wandering through this old farm house.

I can soar . . .

This week has been a tough week at work. Very busy, things not going as planned, people out sick, projects not just falling apart but actually crashing. The rest of the month looks to be at least as busy, and tough. I saw this hawk at lunch time and loved the peacefulness of it. I was fortunate enough to get this shot before he took off to who knows where.

The more I look at it the more it makes me realize, I can soar also. I just have to make that choice. I did not choose well earlier in the week, I was sick and I made the choice to be grumpy. I chose not to act gracefully. I chose not to soar.

Today I choose to be joyful, to be graceful, to soar . . .

Blogger – I am not (my bigger picture moment)

I love the idea of journalling my life, everyday. Leaving something of me behind. I loveĀ  I love the idea of sharing my thoughts, my photography, my passions, but I am irregular at it, at best. I ready others blogs and see them post everyday, and they write so beautifully, I want to do that, but I just don’t. Not sure why, but I know this about myself, I am an irregular and sporadic blogger.

When I was young, I would start a diary on January first, I would swear to myself that I would write everyday. I would write at least something. Most of my diaries end sometime in February.

I am not sure why I thought a blog would be different, but I did. I almost gave it up, just shut it down all together, but I have given myself permission to be sporadic and irregular in my blogging. It is for me after all.

Caught between summer & fall (POTD Aug 31 & Sept 1)

Here we are caught right in the middle. Is it summer? Is it fall? It seems to me that summer hardly showed up this year and here I have pumpkins anxiously awaiting fall. We are teetering in on the edge of fall, but I am not ready. I love fall, but I am not ready to get out the sweaters. I am not ready to give up working in the yard. Fall will come, whether I am ready or not, and I will embrace it when it does. But for right now I stand trying to hold it off . . .

Good Morning

I am sitting here trying to figure out this new blog site, soon I will be blogging on this site – I think – : ). I was getting tired of the restrictions on the other site and am wanting to be able to do more creative things with my blog. Now if I could just figure it out. I am also pondering the Sunday Creative for today. Illuminate – hummmmmmmmmmm.