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An irregular blogger :)

So I really thought I would be much better about posting to this blog – kinda like a diary. And then I remembered, even growing up I would start a diary every year and by the middle of January there would be just a few entries. LOL I haven’t changed much in that area I guess. So I guess I will just write when I have time and not worry about recording everyday happenings.

Life goes on – I am busy – hopping between here and Tim’s. Last weekend we went to the coast it was beautiful over there. Seems funny but we have had better weather over there this winter than over the last summer. It has been too cold to walk too much on the beach but it has been clear and beautiful.

We went to Comedy on the Coast, it was so funny. But went so much later than we thought, got home well after mid-night – actually like 2:30. Took me all week to recover from that. I am getting old I guess.

I am headed to Tim’s today to helping him clean out his basement. Started a couple weekends ago – it is going to take some time. He is a “keeper” kinda like dad was. There is stuff down there that has not been touched in years – now I am a “thrower” – so this will be interesting. ­čÖé We have never had a fight, I don’t anticipate it, but it will be fun to see how this all goes.

Feb. 14th will be one year from our first date. never thought I would date anyone this long. Or actually date any one. At this point in my life I never thought I would find love. But this has been an amazing adventure. We get along so well. Like to do the same things. He is so calm and even tempered and we are so good together. He calms me, settles me when I get too stressed. Tim has really taught me how to relax and not be so obsessive. I am getting him out and moving more. Doing more than just hanging out. We compliment each other so well. People at work have told me he is a different person, happier, since we started going out. That makes me smile. Tim makes me smile. I love him, I feel like I have waited my whole life for this person. I have never known a man like him, never been treated so well, or loved so completely. I have never felt like I could truly be myself with any other, but I can with Tim. Makes me wonder sometimes how my life would have been different if I had waited for this kind of love in the first place.

Ok – well I have rambled enough – need to get up and clean my house before I head down to Tim’s.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All!

I did not do much for New Year’s Eve – just went to Tim’s – he was feeling under the weather so it was quiet, we shared a kiss at midnight and then I drove home. It was quiet but nice.

Today though, Chelsey and I went out today to get some pics for her graduation. Man it was raining and cold, we did not get too many but here are a few we did get. I edited them in Photoshop. I think she is beautiful! We will probably go back out on Saturday – maybe.

Christmas 2008 –

We spent Christmas Eve at Monica’s – it was a bit wierd without dad. Jason couldn’t read the Christmas story so Chelsey read it for us. Then we opened our gifts. It ended up being kinda an early night. Dave was not able to make it because of the snow we had this year. so for the first time in Jason and Chelssy’s lives, it was just the three of us for most of the day. Just before dinner Tim came and Jason’s friend Sean came also. We had a great dinner of Prime Rib Roast thanks to Uncle Dave. ­čÖé

More Snow – it just keeps coming!

Today was unbelieveable, it snowed all day. Started around 11:00 and then did not stop until 8:00 or 9:00. It is sure beautiful but not too fun to drive in. We are getting pretty good at putting the chains on. I can’t remember it ever snowing this much in December. I think we are in for a pretty cold winter.

I did get a little baking done and all the gifts wrapped. Still need to bake somemore to take to work but then I am done.

Tim did drive up just for about an hour today – it was nice he came but not long enough. Weather was too bad for him to stay.

Snow Snow Snow!!!

It snowed yesterday – alot for here in Keizer Oregon. We had about 3 and half inches on the ground last night. It was beautiful but so cold. The temp dropped to about 21 degrees by the time I headed for bed. Tim came up for a few hours, we usually spend Sunday evenings at his house so it seemed wierd to not be there this week. Looks like next week will be the same, predections are for even more snow.

On the 14th, Tim and I will have been going out for 10 months. It still seems so


real. Neither of us were looking

to date or be in a relationship, but it just happened. He is so good to me, he is such a gentle soul, even though he would like for every one to believe he is gruff. LOL. Anyway. he is such an amazing man and I am so glad we found each other.

The commute to work today was so bad, I actually took the bus. We are heading out now to put chains on Chelsey’s car – I am going to be so cold!!! Hope we can figure it out!! – Hot Chocolate and a hot bath will be quickly following.
Well SUCCESS – thank goodness for quick fit chains – they are on and work well – we took a quick test drive – all in about 15 minutes.

Wonderful Day

Tim and I headed for the coast today after church. We heard it was supose to be nice, and boy was it. 65 degrees and no wind – it was beautiful!! We had a great time, we always do. We have so much fun together. I fell so blessed to have Tim in my life. He is so good to me, treats me so well. I am pretty much spoiled rotten! : )
Well off to bed and ready to start an new week. By the way – have I said recently how much I still love my job?
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