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Sunday Best

Here are a few of my favorites from the week. I think this one of the abandoned house I took Saturday is my favorite. I would have loved to have gone in or gotten closer but there was a no trespassing sign, so a took a couple from a turn out on the road.

I wonder what the story behind the house is. What happened to cause it to be abandoned? Back in it’s prime I imagine it was an amazing house. There were several outbuildings still standing around it also. Abandoned house always send my mind wandering.

Here are a couple more favs –

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Daily Shot!

I am pretty excited my fern photo was chosen for the One Daily Shot for Mother’s Day.

I really worked at this shot and it wasn’t just a “happy” accident, so that makes it special. I am trying hard to really learn this new camera and somethings that came so easy on the point & shoot are taking some time with this one, but I think I am getting it.

You can check out the site at One Daily Shot

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Friday Afternoon Break

At work we have these geese that come back every year. Last year we had goslings, but something happened to the eggs this year. These geese have become use to handouts and will stand at the window and “knock” on it when they think it is break time and they should be having some food come their way.

The rest of the pictures are of the “Snowball” bush, the blossoms are just beginning to change to white.

Welcome Spring

I wait for this every spring, the swallows are back, it is officially spring. I love the way they swoop around the yard.

Honey bees are not my favorite but they are another sure sign that spring is here, and they are much more welcome than the wasps that are ever abundant.

New leaves . . .The fruit blossoms . . The tulips . . .

all are welcome signs of spring.

Sunday Creative – Glass

Half full?                              Half empty?

When I saw today’s prompt, my mind immediately went to the question, do I see my glass half full or half empty?

My wonderful husband offered yesterday to take me on a picture taking drive. I have just been released (since my elbow surgery) to pick up my camera again. (I did have to sneak a few pictures before the release, 8 weeks is just too long). I also just got a new camera, my first DSLR, my husband knew with out me asking, I needed this day. He patiently chauffeured me half way across the state, just so I could get my camera fix. Never complaining, pointing out views. This is just one example of how he shows his love to me. He knows me so well.

So my glass is neither half full or half empty, it is FULL.

It is running over

Sunday Creative – Crane

Sunday’s Creative prompt was Crane -please read this post for more information surrounding this movement.

When I am feeling beat up or wounded by my work life, I am often reminded about the people in Japan. It puts everything in perspective.

We need to continue to pray for their recovery.

The symbol in this picture is one of their symbols for hope. It represents expectation, anticipation and hope.