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Beauty in the small things

I find great joy in stumbling across beauty in the small things. Wandering to find a stick or two to try my hand at making wooden buttons, (a story for another time) I came across this small reminder that God is in the details.

A few pics from the week

So I was thinking about my last post, and decided I really needed to find at least one photo worthy of posting. To my surprise I found a few that were not horrible. I think part of my problem, (besides work being so tough), is that we have not had spring yet. It is May 30th and I am sitting here in winter clothes. I am so ready for it to be sunny and warm. I am ready to be out in the garden, with my hands in the soil.

I am also finding that knitting, photography and everyday life are fighting for my time. So something takes a back seat – it is a struggle every day as to what wins, and that means there is always a loser. This week, knitting won.

So here are a few from the last week –

So Happy Memorial Day everyone, don’t forget to stop and pray for our military that are serving for us.

Welcome Spring

I wait for this every spring, the swallows are back, it is officially spring. I love the way they swoop around the yard.

Honey bees are not my favorite but they are another sure sign that spring is here, and they are much more welcome than the wasps that are ever abundant.

New leaves . . .The fruit blossoms . . The tulips . . .

all are welcome signs of spring.