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So much like an early snow storm.

Many thoughts are swirling around my mind

Nothing sticks.

So I think everything and write nothing.

Lovely (Blogging for Books)


Novel Interiors by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti is a lovely coffee table book. It is full of inspiration for rooms to reflect love of literature. I have paged through this book several times, and each time found new inspirations.

This is not a “how to” book, but a book filled with amazing ideas and beauty that any “do it yourselfer” like my self will find more ideas and inspiration than time. The quotes sprinkled through the book are a wonderful addition.

This book will sit on top of my coffee table to be thumbed through time and time again.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review.

Your Family in Pictures a review

9780823086207  Your Family in Pictures

This book is much like a recipe book but for photographs. Me Ra Koh’s step by step advice for getting your family in the mood, or setting the stage for fun and unusual family photographs is easy to follow. Prompting the reader to not just capture the formal family portrait but to also remember to capture cherished every day, such as naps, cuddles, homework time and many other rarely though about photographic moments.

The icing on the cake is right under every photo in the book, the settings she used to get the photograph. While these settings are not going to be exact for everyone who tries them, they give a starting point. I could have used these tips when learning to use my DSLR.

Even though I consider myself fairly accomplished with my camera, I am sure I will refer to this book often for inspiration and tips.

I would recommend this book to every couple as they begin their journey together. I would make a great wedding or baby shower gift.

Click here for more information

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Blogging for Books

I love books, I love knitting so I am over the top about books about knitting! I was introduced to this site Blogging for books by fellow blogger Becca Forrest. She reviews a book here. This site Blogging for Books seems a perfect fit!




The minute I received this book I was enthralled. The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful way this book was illustrated. Beautiful pictures grace the pages inviting the reader to pick up a ball of yarn and needles and get started. The easy to understand instructions combined with the fact that the projected are small, just a block at a time, invite knitters of every skill level to begin a project.

From skulls to roses, Celtic patterns to country stars this book has a little of something for every one.

20141228_101735  20141228_101800


I am an experienced knitter in my 50’s and my niece is a beginner in her teens, we both found many patterns we loved.






This book is a definite must have for every knitters library. I highly recommend this book for knitters of every skill level.



You can learn more about the author and this book here.

, “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

Memory Blanket


I retreat to her old comfy 70’s orange chair, “her arms” in the form of a brightly colored blanket wrapped around me. (My grandmother crocheted most of her life, I have many bright blankets from her hands.)

When missing my son washes over me like strong ocean waves, this is where I go. This room bathed in the morning sun, surrounded by the colors of the rainbow in the form of yarn is the place I go to let a little more healing happen. I pick up the project that I only work on at these times. I knit and remember. I let myself miss him. I let myself grieve.  Here I am surrounded by my favorite things and memories, it is my quiet place.

This project is washed with my tears prayers, and long hours of loving memories. It is many colors, dark and stormy blacks and purples, happy cheerful pinks, yellows and blues. Someday this will be a blanket of memories and healing.

Brave enough?

_MG_6767I just read a book authored by a friend I met through my blog, (The Evolution of a Stir, by Cindy Cullen Farmer) it has reawakened a desire to write my story even if no one reads it.

We all have a story, a history, what it is that makes us who we are. Good or bad, my past, my story is what has molded my thoughts, my beliefs, my very essence.

It is a brave soul, which puts their honest self on paper for others to read. I am not sure yet if I am that brave. Thoughts of uncertainty swirl around in my head. Who would really want to read my story?  I am beginning to to wonder if maybe I need to write it for me.

Maybe I need to be honest enough with myself to pen my thoughts and dreams to paper.

Something to ponder, I wonder if I am a brave soul?

Here I sit

Jason's gardenI am finally sitting in the garden this morning. A space planned and built by me. To honor my son, Jason. This project has been healing for me. A place to put my creative energy. A place he would be proud of. Built with reflection and lots of love.

As I was putting this together, I had plenty of time to reflect and remember. I remember my dad watching me build some shelving, years ago.He told me I built just like his mom. Never really measuring anything, but seeing what I wanted to do and then just building it. My grandmother on my dad’s side died when I was young. But I have snippets of memories. When I look at pictures of her I can see myself in her style. Without really knowing her, I carry part of her in me. I would have liked to know her.

I got to thinking about how we all carry parts of others in us. These people make us who we are. I watch my now adult daughter and see so much of me in her, I pray it is only the good parts.

This morning I sit here in the garden, at peace, listening to the birds lift their voices in praise, to the one who formed me, and gives me the peace that passes all understanding. I think of those who have gone on before me and am forever grateful they are part of who I am. I will carry them with me, and pass them on to the next generation, with just a little of me mixed in.