How does God put up with me?



We live in a world where complaining is just part of our conversation. We whine “this line is too long”, “it took so long for that waitress to bring my food”, “why is this taking so long?”, “I don’t have . . . ” It goes on and on. It has become just how we communicate, we whine, we complain.

I have had a week of listening to just that, there is a lot of change happening where I work, good exciting things, but the path to get there is a little painful. And then there is me complaining about their complaining. Whew, no wonder I am so tired when I get home.

All the while we lose site of the fact that we have a job, a good job. We lose fact that we should count it a privilege to sit in a nice clean waiting room to see a doctor. It should be counted a privilege to wait to have food served to us. We should count it all a privilege.

There is so much we should be grateful for, I have a saying that is a little joking but so full of truth, when I am met with a lot of complaining. “At least you aren’t sleeping under a bridge tonight” This statement is as much for me as anyone. What an abundance we live with.

There are people in hospice that are grateful for just that next breath, there are people living under bridges that are grateful for the sandwich a stranger gave them, there are people who are grateful to have any job even if it is working a field.

How can I be so brazen before God to complain about anything. Anything at all. All that I have is a gift, straight from the hand of God. How is that not enough? How would I feel if I handed precious gems to my children and they complained because it was not gold, or it was not enough. How does God put up with us?

Eve did it, “why can’t I eat that?”. Adam did it “why did you give me this woman to tempt me?”  The Israelites did it “why do we have to eat that?” From the beginning of time God, who has showered us with blessings has had to listen to our ungratefulness.

While thinking about this I wondered why God created us this way? If it were me I sure would have taken that module out, I would have snipped that wire that went to the complaining component. Then I realize complaining isn’t the problem it is a symptom. The problem is that we were created with a longing for something more. We were created with an empty space, We look around for something to fill it. Things, action, anything but what was meant to fill it. How ridiculous we must sound to God.

There is a very real reason we feel unsatisfied. It is a God sized hole. Only God can fill it.  God created that in all of us, I need to remember to fill my complaining corner with God.

I have been sitting here thinking of all the things I tend to complain about, I am ashamed.

Instead of complaining about being stuck in traffic I want to thank God for the ability to travel so easily. Instead of complaining about waiting on the doctor again, I want to thank God I have medical care. Instead of complaining about waiting for my food, I want to be grateful that we can sit in a nice warm space and have food served to me. Instead of complaining about cleaning the bathroom, I want to be thankful that I have a nice warm home to clean.

Do you find yourself in the habit of complaining? How will you show your gratitude today?

4 thoughts on “How does God put up with me?”

  1. Be gentle with yourself! It is normal and human (i.e. the way God designed us) to feel disappointment when a desire is unfulfilled, and God wants us to share with Him everything about ourselves honestly and freely. I find that when I have compassion for my own disappointment, instead of shaming myself for it, it gives me access to a deeper place within my heart to understand my true self. It is okay to dislike something that is happening (or not happening) and to share this dislike with others. I think sharing my disappointment only becomes “whining” when it is not an honest expression of my feelings–I am using it to manipulate others or to hide from more genuine feelings (say, a feeling of being rejected or disregarded). I think the question that gives me most insight is “why do I dislike this?” or “why does this feel bad to me?” I find that when I allow myself to honestly and vulnerably feel my disappointment, give it full voice and recognition in a spirit of self compassion, it gives me real insight about myself and yields the emotional space to also feel pleasure/gratitude more deeply. Is there a way you can come to gratitude through a spirit of grace for yourself?


    1. Janathan,

      Thanks for your insight, I too believe it is okay to be disappointed and even question why God does certain things. I certainly went through this when my son passed. Trust me I give full voice to my disappointments and hurts. What has really gotten to me lately is the sense of entitlement that is prevailing in our culture. We do not deserve all the things we would like to have, they are not rights. They are privileges, there is a difference. When I think of the whining that occurs in our every day, when we have it so good, it drives me crazy. We are such a blessed people, there are so many things we take for granted. I am so grateful for my beautiful blessed life.


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