six years ago, today

14Not that many years ago this day, Valentine’s Day, was just a day. Not really dreaded, but not a day to really look forward to. I thought I had forfeited my right to romantic love years ago. There would be no romantic dinners, roses, or the hand of a true love in mine. I had stopped wishing for it long ago.

I was happy and content, I loved my life. I loved my children, I loved the friendship and love we shared. I loved my family and friends. This was enough.

Then one day, out of the blue, there he stood asking me to lunch, on Valentine’s Day, I opened my mouth to say no, and yes came out. I was shocked. A first date on Valentine’s Day? Really? What was I thinking?

The rest of the story is nothing short of a fairy tale to me. For almost half a century I had no idea that this kind of love existed. I am more in love than I thought was possible.

I will be forever grateful that my heart over-ruled my brain this day six years ago.

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