What I miss

heartDear Jason,

As I was decorating the tree this morning I thought of your aluminum Christmas tree and the color wheel. I remember how excited you were to find that tree, and then when Uncle Dave bought you the color wheel you were over the top. I began to think of the things I miss about you. I miss your hugs; I miss how you patted your tummy when food was really good, or even if you thought about a really good food, like the McRib. It makes me smile. I miss your intense love for knowledge, I miss watching you sing from your heart. I missed how you loved God, and his people. I miss how you saw good in just about every one. I miss your excitement about the holidays. I am imagining now the glow in your eyes this season, celebrating with Jesus. I can see you dancing around with utter joy. This brings a smile to my face, and joy to my heart even as the tears roll down my cheeks.

Love you and miss you, son.


2 thoughts on “What I miss”

  1. Jason always helped me see the good in people. I was such a horrible, judgmental person, but in ever so subtle ways Jason helped open my eyes to how Jesus sees us. Thank you for teaching your son to make such a difference in so many peoples lives. God blessed you with him on earth for only a short time and he will be missed till the day we see him in heaven. Praying for you.


    1. Larissa –

      It does my heart good to know that Jason lives on in many ways here on earth and that he is remembered. He taught me much about not judging by what is on the outside.

      Thanks for your encouraging words –


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