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While working in my yard yesterday, I was posting some of my progress in Instagram, I was also checking on friends I have made through this medium of communication. There was a post from a friend who lives a world away, it was to me, about how she thinks of me when she picks up sea glass on her side of the world. I can’t begin to say how this touched me. We have never met, we probably never will this side of glory, but I know she has two adorable boys. She is an artist, a photographer, and she lives close to the sea, her sons are creative and love Legos.

I have met many wonderful people on IG, I would love to meet them face to face. They are scattered all over this earth, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England, and all over the United States. We are fellow, knitters, crocheters, artists, photographers, parents, lovers of God, we are strangely connected through this wonderful electronic world. Many of these friends have hugged me across the miles as I walk my grief journey. They have brought me comfort, as well as laughter. We get little glimpses into each other lives, the good, the bad, the funny, the sad. It is all there, picture by picture. I share in the joy, the celebrations, and in the things that are not so joyful, but we encourage each other, sending virtual hugs, and encouragement.

I have met fellow bloggers, through my blog, I have met others through Facebook, the more I think about this the more amazed I am. I have watched as these friends struggle with life changing decisions, I have prayed for wisdom for them. I watch as they blossom because of these decisions, I cheer them on.

People talk about how as we have our noses in our computers we are becoming more impersonal, more isolated. For me it is so opposite, I have “met” so many people that I would call my friends, even though I have never been face to face with them. I keep track of family that is far away, even “in person” friends that because our lives are busy we don’t get to hang out as often as we like, but we keep up through this electronic world.

As I was writing this a friend I met through Facebook, posted a picture on my timeline because he thought I might enjoy it. These things bring me joy.

These communities are scattered over the whole world, but they are communities non the less. I am in awe and amazed at this world we live in.


4 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. I feel exactly the same. We are not more isolated with our noses in our iPhones. We have friends and connections all over the world. We are sharing our lives and in turn sharing our people’s lives. I love the social media world of Instagram. xxx


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