I could see it in her face


I could see it in her face; she was hesitant to approach me. I felt her eyes searching my face. I don’t know her well, just short conversations in passing at church. Her children are younger than mine. In fact my son had been a Jr High leader to a couple of her children.

She finally approached me, asked me if I was Chelsey and Jason’s mom. She hesitated a bit and then told how much she had admired Jason, she though he was a wonderful man. She told me how much Jason’s memorial service had touched her. Then she said she had a story for me.

Here is her story:

Her daughter was married just a week ago. Rebecca married a wonderful man named Simon. Simon was a good friend of Jason’s; Rebecca was a good friend of Jason’s. The first time they met was at Jason’s memorial service. They talked about Jason, and over time fell in love.

She wanted me know that even in the tragedy and darkness, something bright and beautiful grew from it.

I did not realize until that moment how much I need to hear the stories of the beautiful things that have grown from that dark time.

I thought at the time that she may have wanted to say more, but tears were threatening to spill down my face. I thanked her, she was so brave to approach me not really knowing what my reaction would be. I am so glad she did.

That evening I wrote her to let her know my gratitude for her story. Below is what she wrote back to me:

He was a special, hardworking, for the Lord, young man. I remember him spending many nights and countless hours at the fireworks stand!

I forgot to tell you…the reason I noticed him that Sunday before his home going was unusual. I sat on the right side of the church and he was sitting on the left. I remember he used to sit in the middle but on the end of the row on the left. But this day he was on the far right. I just kind of looked around to see if I could spot a friend of mine to chat with before service and I saw him; he stood out from across the sanctuary. I am not making this up…. he glowed. I know it sounds crazy but he had a light that was all around him. That’s why I took notice of him in the first place. I didn’t think it was him because he had been so ill and he looked perfectly healthy; I mean better than ever…. I will never forget that he looked heavenly. Just thought I should let you know everything. I am a mom too and would want to know the whole story. Oh, and when I talked with him – he was happier than I had EVER seen him. love, Jen


I can’t really put into words what this means to me, it makes me wonder, did others see this in him also? Others have told me that he looked better than ever that day, that he looked fantastic, happy. I wonder who else saw his glow?

I will always be grateful that Jen approached me and told me her story. It did something in my soul that comforts me, another step in the healing. I hold these stories close to my heart and add another stone of remembrance.

stacked stones

(Joshua 4:4 These rocks will always remind our people of what happened here today.)

6 thoughts on “I could see it in her face”

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve commented but I had to say, what a beautiful story of God bringing two people together. Brings tears. So happy that God still shows Himself real even in the hardships. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. Some of His ways won’t be known until glory but it’s so nice to see His ways that come to light before our very eyes on earth, His way of comfort and showing He is alive and well even when at times we may not feel Him. God bless you and your family for letting God do His work in you and sharing your heart.


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