my baby

Thursday my baby turns 28, where has the time gone? I am not sure how this happened.


From the beginning Chelsey was an unexpected delight.  The pregnancy was easy, the delivery not so much. But there she was, round, pink, and beautiful.


She was an easy baby, so different from her big brother. She slept through the night from the very beginning. I can remember getting up in the night to see if she was still breathing. Chelsey started the first year of her life with many trips to the emergency room for asthma treatments. But still she remained a happy baby, she grew into a giggly  cheerful toddler, with long blond hair and huge blue eyes. People were drawn to her, she was so shy and uncomfortable with the attention.


Chelsey has grown into an amazing woman of God, she blossomed from that shy, timid beautiful little girl, into a beautiful woman inside and out that gives speeches in front of hundreds of people, she amazes me.


My hearts prayer for her while she was growing up that she would grow to be a strong, independent, God loving woman. That she is, she has become more than I ever dreamed. I am so proud of the woman she has become, of her choices in life, and how she lives her life.

I am forever grateful for her surprise appearance in my life.


5 thoughts on “my baby”

  1. I really liked what you wrote! Hard to believe that little girl is so grown up. I have Carmin to remind me often of Chelsey. They are so alike in many ways. She even has mannerisms to which I find myself say, “Ok, That was so Chelsey.” I love our girls!!!


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