Best of 2012


I read a blog this week that challenged me, The Best of Everything, I was challenged to remember and list the best of this last year. Instead of resolutions, I want to take the time to list the best, the blessings. It is so easy this time of year to focus on what we want to change , what could be different.  I would like to challenge you also to make a list of the best of 2012, before making that list of what could be better, and what you want to change, make a list of what was good, amazing, the best of 2012. I would love it if you would post a few of them in the comments area of this post.

Thinking back on the year, some of my best’s are:

Finding Jason’s notebooks of writings and poems.


Times spent with Chelsey, we share a love of yarn and knitting, this is so special to me.


Weekends away with Tim.

grizzly bear mom and babies

Our trip to Minnesota, our trip to Monterey, CA.

Completing the knitting of  the most complicated sweater I have ever attempted. (And it turned out!)

My attic space, where I create, ponder and write.

But the best of the best has to be the healing that my heavenly father has allowed for me. Yes, it still hurts, yes there is more healing that needs to happen. Yes the scar is still tender and apt to tear open. But, did you notice? I said scar, not open gaping wound. I have a scar where the wound was. I am healing. That is my best of the best this year.



So I am piling up a memorial in my mind of the best of the best of 2011. I carry this memorial close to my heart as I enter the new year.
(Joshua 4:4 These rocks will always remind our people of what happened here today.)

What are some of yours, your bests of the bests?

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