This is the time of year that we pause to reflect on how much we have to be thankful for. I am way behind on my thankful list for this month. I intend to catch up today, right now; my soul needs to be reminded of all the things I have to be thankful for. This morning as I sat reflecting on all the good things God has given to me I know that I need to consciously practice thankfulness. I have so much; I have so much to be thankful for.

Day one: Saving grace, even if I had nothing else this is enough. Saving grace, the love of my heavenly father, this is enough to lift my heart and soul in praise and move me to my knees in humble unworthiness at the same time.

Day two: Tim, five years ago I could not imagine a life with him and now I cannot imagine my life without him. We have been married just 3 years and it seems like we have always been. He is truly a gift. I could go on and on about the ways he lifts me up, I am so thankful God brought him into my life.

Day three: Jason, I miss him so much. I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mom. I am so thankful that I know I will see him again someday; I will get that big bear hug that I miss so much. I am thankful that I got a glimpse of all the lives that he touched while he was here on earth.

Day four: Chelsey, what an amazing gift. She was a bit of a surprise, one that I treasure and never for a moment regretted. My gracious heavenly father knew even 27 years ago that I would need her. Chelsey has grown into an amazing woman. She is talented and I am so proud of her. She is a wonderful daughter to me and friend to many. I cannot begin to voice the thankfulness I feel when I think about all she is and has become.

Day five: I have an amazing family. David, Steve, Mendi, KC, Sandria, Collin, Kobe, Carmin, Kenzi, Monica, this is the family I was born into. They are all amazing in their own ways. It would take days to list the talents of this group and all ways that this family I was born into blesses me. Then there is the family I married into, Katie, Scott, Jerry, Gerry, Laura (and her daughters), they all have a special place in my heart. There is also family that chose me, Tom and Sammye, I thank God for them. How they have taken me and mine into their hearts.

Day six: My parents and grandparents who are with Jason in heaven. They are who molded me into who I am today. My mom was a strong woman that taught me many things about being just that, strong yet loving and caring. My dad showed me how to laugh, how to live in the moment. (A little magic too J) I did not know my dad’s parents well, they passed when I was young but I do remember the strength of my grandmother, Florence, it is from her that I get my full 5’1” stature. My grandma on my mom’s side was an amazingly strong independent woman of God. She taught me much about living a life without an earthly partner and being okay with that.

Day seven: My job. I am grateful for this job, as frustrating as it is at times, I like what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with. We have a great team.

Day eight: Vacations, we have been fortunate to take 2 great ones this year. I am thankful for the time away and the ability to be able to go on these journeys.

Day nine: Our home, I love this place we live. Just enough, not too much. I love my attic space where I feel the most creative. I love the yard; I love being surrounded by farm land. I love walking around this place and seeing all that God has created. Truly a gift.

Day ten: Birds, I know this may seem silly but it is the birds that got me started this morning on this list of thankfulness. Looking out my attic window is a large pear tree; the sparrows are flitting around almost like it is spring. They fly into the tree, and then out again. I love to watch this playfulness. They make me smile.

To be continued . . . . .

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