I’m still here

I have written many blogs in my head over these last few months, just could not get them actually written here. So much to write, too much emotion to write it.

I feel like I turned a small corner in the healing process this weekend. No particular reason that I can think of but I feel better, more healed. I have been compulsively knitting since August. It has kept me from thinking too much, dwelling too much. This weekend I realized that I am knitting for pleasure now. I am not sure when that happened. I love to knit, I love the feel quality wool yarn in my hands, I love to see the progress each row makes. Knitting got me through some tough dark days, the rhythm of it calmed me, kept my mind still.

I am beginning to miss my photography, that is a new feeling. I have not really missed it since August, I kept taking pictures because I knew I would want to again. I wanted to want to, I just didn’t. I am missing it a little.

They are planting the the fields around us, that gives me hope that spring will be here again. We will have summer again. I feel like I skipped summer this last year, I am anxious to feel the warm sun on my back as I work in the garden.

I’m going to try to write more, I am not the best blogger the begin with, you should have got that by the name of the blog. But I want to try to go back an write more about this last 6 months.

God is good , all the time.

I’m still here


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