Spring came to visit

So this morning I was whining that I needed, and I do mean needed, to be outside in the sun. I needed to plant something, to get my hands dirty.

I did not think it would happen, and then – Spring came to visit.

It was not a long visit but it was a welcome visit.

I got my hands dirty, I planted some flowers and vegetables.

Ah – it was so nice to be out in the sun, even if it was short lived.

I went for oranges and yellows this year.

The wasps even dared to peek out of their hiding places. ( I really wish they would stay hiding)

The yellow finches were pigging out at the feeder, they are quite messy.

Found this old abandoned nest, I wish there were eggs in it.

I even came across a honey bee enjoying the brief spring visit.

Tim got in a quick mow on the new mower – love the cup holder!And then the thunderstorm came in, I did not take any pictures. I have had enough of the rain and cold. I only wanted to post the spring that came to visit today.

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