Where are the pictures?

The last couple weeks at work have been hard, mentally draining. It seems that it has sucked the creativity right out of me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job, but right now is a difficult time. Lay-offs. budget cuts, re-organizing, it makes my head spin.

I have been out this week taking pictures here and there but none of them seem worthy of posting, so I haven’t really even been editing them.

So, I knit these days, hours and hours. I am working on my first sweater. The yarn is a beautiful blue wool, with many other colors subtly woven in. Knitting calms me, I am addicted to the fiber of it. While there is thought and energy that goes into parts of it, for large parts I can mindlessly create.

I am not sure really how to explain it, but I knit for the love of it, for the creativity of it, and for the calming of it.

Pictures to follow later – maybe – 🙂

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