Photo Weekend

We went for a picture taking drive earlier this week end. It has been too long. We drove to an old abandon house, it was such a strange feeling walking through it.

Things were just left, like some one just walked away in the middle of life. Dishes still in the drainer, rolling pin on the counter, and a blanket thrown back on the old sofa.

I have been so busy with other stuff, good stuff, but I have not been paying attention to my need to get out and photograph.

Then on Saturday I took a photo walk. It has been a long time since I have just taken a walk to take pictures. I walked about a mile or so. It was clear and cold.

I have been trying for awhile to get to an old train car that is parked on an abandoned track.

I am blocked by small streams but I think I figured out a way. I just need to work up nerve to ask some people if I can walk on their property.

It felt so good to be photographing again. I need to remember to take time for this, no matter what is going on.

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