Last night we went to a the Hot Air Balloon Festival for the Night Glow, it was fun and beautiful. I had gone in years past but was never able to get any good shots. What I have learned in the last 6 months of my POTD project really helped me get a few nice shots of the lit up balloons.

Then this morning my alarm went off at 5:15 so I could get back to the festival in time to see them take off. There were probably about 20 or so and we were able to wander around them while they were filling them.

Then I wandered of the other side of the fairgrounds to check out the car show.

On my way home I stopped and took a few pictures of some old barns and fields I have been wanting to for awhile.

When I looked at my memory card I had taken over 200 pictures before 10:00am this morning. I am jumping in with both feet on a my new commitment to my POTD project.

2 thoughts on “Re-committed”

  1. Hey Bev-Beautiful photos. I've never been up close to hot air balloons; they must be intensely inspiring. The colors alone are making me jealous.Doing the 365 with you…look forward to sharing the experience.Susan


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