Sunday Creative – Orient

Orient  vb 1: to set in a definite position esp. in relation to the points on a compass  2: to acquaint with an existing situation or environment  3: to direct to the interests of a particular group 
So the first thing this word made me thing of was disorient. I feel like I am teetering on the edge of something. Do I jump? Do I keep peering over to see if I can tell what is there? I would love to set myself in a definite position, or direction, but here I sit, on the edge, not quite ready to jump. I know I will set myself, someday, this is the way I operate. I am cautious, not wanting to make a mistake. I know this about myself, and I am enjoying the journey.

Someday I will be oriented to this thing, right now I am disoriented, but that is ok for now.

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