Can it possibly be?

As we were driving home last night, I felt it. Ever so slightly but it was there. Fall, a slight feeling of fall was in the air. How could that be? We have hardly had summer yet.

Then this morning I walked out to the garden, it was there also. The pumpkins have begun to turn, ever so slightly, a tinge of orange. I still have only harvested 2 ripe tomatoes, it can’t really be fall yet, can it?

I love the turn of seasons, I usually embrace them. But I don’t think I am quite ready to let go of summer yet.

Summer – please stick around awhile – please?

2 thoughts on “Can it possibly be?”

  1. I agree! I have harvested only my grape tomatoes and only a handful of them! I'm not ready to give up summer. Normally, I love fall but this year, I will just cry when it arrives šŸ˜‰ Beautiful pics :)Mel


  2. i am so with you on the summer thing! i am threatening to leave for hawaii… my pumpkins are already orange, the leaves are turning on the trees, the crows are loud, and the mornings are getting even cooler that they were all this summer which never even got hot! my dahlias are just finally looking like plants for gosh sakes! hope we have a long indian summer.


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