Random Shots near Sodaville, and a run in with a Mountain man –

So I took a drive up a mountain road to Sodaville – population 303. There were many beautiful vistas and not too many places to pull over. (See the blog below for a view from the top of the mountain.) There were almost as many No Trespassing signs as trees, it kinda made me laugh as I pictured mountain people with shot guns, you know the stereotypically type you see on T.V.

I stopped by the side of the road to get these shots, I was there about 5 minutes or so. I got back in the car and I noticed this old rusty pickup on the road behind me, so I waited for it to pass so I could pull out. It did not pass, it pulled in behind me. I started to take off and a hand came out the window and waved me to stop. I locked my doors, and kept the engine running. A man, with a sleeveless, plaid shirt, old straw hat, stubbly beard, and what had to be a can of chew in his cheek, approached my window. He had one eye, I think, because only one was open, and a pair of very thick glasses on. At this point I did not know whether to laugh or be frightened, all that was missing from his “outfit” was the double barrel shot gun. Apparently he had been watching me, from somewhere, and came down to make sure I wasn’t up to no good.

This last shot I took with out getting out of the car – LOL

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