Creativity Boot Camp Days Ten through Twelve

Day Ten – Full Bodied Sky

This has been the rainiest spring that I can remember. I am so ready for the sun to come and stay. In the meantime though I am enjoying the beautiful clouds it is bringing. Out where I live you can watch the weather come towards you. I have gotten pretty good at spotting a rain storm and judging how much time I have outside before it hits.

Smooth Get Away

So this pheasant (named Phil) and his mate live in the field behind our home. I have been trying for months to sneak up on him and get a picture. Not a chance, he has amazing hearing – I caught him here taking off but it is not a great photo. Oh well, maybe someday…..

Drove up this mountain road yesterday. The view was awesome. There was not a sound but nature all around me – God’s still small voice. There was a hush up there that can only be had when you are the only soul for miles.

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