Creativity Boot Camp Day Six – Fluid

I took this picture at the creek behind my work. It was a happy accident, one of those shots you just take along with all the others, then when you load it on your computer you think – wow wouldn’t I be a great photographer if I had taken this on purpose? : )

The journal prompt to day is what rules do I impose on myself when I “create”. I am not sure I have rules, I just take pictures of what looks good to me at the moment. Some days it is old rusty stuff, other days it is macros of flowers and other days it is landscapes. I don’t really think I have a style of photo.

3 thoughts on “Creativity Boot Camp Day Six – Fluid”

  1. You made me chuckle when you commented you'd be a great photographer if you'd planned to take a picture like that one… Photographers need lots of patience to get the one great shot out of hundreds. I'll never make a great photographer. I'm really enjoying your take on all the prompts this week.


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