Crearative Bootcamp Day Four – Heavy Metal

My first thought when I saw our word for the day was of the weights sitting next to my bed and under my desk at work. In this Bootcamp I have been trying to go with my first thought. I spent most of my morning trying to deside how to use the weights in a picture and a journal entry. I was at my physical therapy appointment when the ideas began forming.

The weights are near my bed and under my desk at work because my body is betraying me. Well, at least that is the way it feels to me. I am right handed, and had a fairly significant injury to my right arm15 years ago. A few months ago I noticed my arm aching, my hand getting weaker. I ignored it for weeks and finally when I could not open a jar or pick up my camera with out pain, I went in to have it checked out.

The old injury never heal properly, they are telling me.
I am getting older, I hate to hear that phrase.
I may need surgery, but we are trying physical therapy first.
I feel betrayed, I want my body to work like it did when I was 20, it doesn’t.

In some ways my body is holding back the creative side of me, that frustrates me, I feel like I have enough roadbocks with out my body being one of them. I press on, taking as many pictures as I can, processing them as I can, but I can see a difference. I am firm in my resolve to not let it stop me completely, and to learn something from this experience.

The Creativity Bootcamp has been just what I needed for right now. It has made me stop and think about how I think about myself, what my roadblocks are and how to overcome both of them.

The weights will no longer be a reminder not how weak I am, but of how strong I will be.

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