Catching up . . . .

So I just realized – or had pointed out to me – that I had not updated this blog in a very long time. So much has happened – I have been so busy. I will try to do a quick update then post pics later.

It is now only 30 days to the wedding – I am so excited! Things are done as much as they can be for now, just last minute stuff to do.
A friend is making the cake – she makes beautiful cakes and did one for her grandparents that was exactly what I had pictured for mine – she offered – I went for it!!

I am still going to make about 250 cupcakes – I think I have decided on the punch. I am hoping to make white grape/peach. We’ll see if I can find enough of it.

Bunnie, Melinda and I made 250 white chocolate seashells to go on the cupcakes. The seashell favors are done.

I found a great deal on silk calla lillies for my flowers. I am still deciding on for Tim. I would love to find a really small calla lilly for his lapel.

I have the pics planned out that I want – a friend from work is going to do the pics – that is exciting. She takes the same style as I do and we like the same stuff.

Tim is the love of my life and I am so anxious to start our together life. Sometimes when we are driving along somewhere, talking or just being quiet, it feels as if we have been married for years. It is exciting, new, wonderful, and comfortable, I have never felt so loved, or loved so much. I have never been so much myself with any man. I love being me with him, and I love that he is totally himself with me.

That is all I can think of for now – did I say I was excited????

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