So I guess . . .

So I guess after being lazy and just posting pictures I ought to write something.

First off, I love that new program, SmileBox. There are about a million different layouts and ways you can use them. Makes posting pics a little more interesting and very easy to make it look like I worked hard at it. : )

So those pics were of our trip to Virginia to see Chels graduate. It was an amazing trip. The cabin we rented was really set in a beautiful location. Liberty University was huge. Much bigger than I ever imagined. There were 6500 graduates. I will post pics of this later.

We saw so much while we were there and did not really even scratch the surface of what we could have seen.

I will post more photo books as I get them done.

Tim and I traveled really well together. We drove over 2000 miles in the week we were there. We had a blast!

It was a little sad to tell Chelsey good bye. But I am so proud of her, and she seems to really like the job she has. I know this is where God wants her for now and that makes it so much easier.

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