Snow Snow Snow!!!

It snowed yesterday – alot for here in Keizer Oregon. We had about 3 and half inches on the ground last night. It was beautiful but so cold. The temp dropped to about 21 degrees by the time I headed for bed. Tim came up for a few hours, we usually spend Sunday evenings at his house so it seemed wierd to not be there this week. Looks like next week will be the same, predections are for even more snow.

On the 14th, Tim and I will have been going out for 10 months. It still seems so


real. Neither of us were looking

to date or be in a relationship, but it just happened. He is so good to me, he is such a gentle soul, even though he would like for every one to believe he is gruff. LOL. Anyway. he is such an amazing man and I am so glad we found each other.

The commute to work today was so bad, I actually took the bus. We are heading out now to put chains on Chelsey’s car – I am going to be so cold!!! Hope we can figure it out!! – Hot Chocolate and a hot bath will be quickly following.
Well SUCCESS – thank goodness for quick fit chains – they are on and work well – we took a quick test drive – all in about 15 minutes.

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