The Day After

Wow – went downstairs today and saw the ruins of Thanksgiving Day – really it wasn’t too bad. Yesterday was a good day, family and friends near. some family far away. I missed the Everett Family, and Chesley, but we had a good day of eating, being lazy, and watching football.

Today I am a bit sluggish – think I need a nap. But they frown on that at work, it is slow at work today, but today that is welcome.

Ended the day by going to Tim’s, we dropped by to see his niece and nephew. Conner and Erika, Conner was mostly absorbed in the Wii making a crazy Mii and playing Marion brothers. Erika was thrilled to see me, she calls me Dev. She is very cute and very smart for a 3 year old. These two make me miss my family in Brasil. After a bit of play it was dinner time. Pizza, yum. watched a bit of TV – well kinda – I kept falling asleep and missing parts.

Beaver’s game is Saturday – Big Civil war – should be exciting!

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